couldn’t stop myself from crying today. There are no words to express the sadness and anger we all feel right now. This morning’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem is nothing short of horrific. The fact that it took place in a synagogue in the middle of the morning prayers only intensifies the tragedy. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims whose pain is not even imaginable.
The attack hits us very close to home. One of those killed was Rabbi Moshe Twersky z”l, distinguished head of Yeshivat Torat Moshe and grandson of the great Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchick tz”l. Another victim, Avraham Goldberg z”l was the father of a close colleague of our own Brian Schneider, MJE’s new Executive Director.
All of us, Jews from all over the world stand united in our grief and wish the families our deepest love and consolation. Please know that we are crying with you and for you. May God comfort you all among all those who mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.
Here are three things you can do:
1. Recite the following Psalms in memory of those slain. Click here for the prayers:
2. Donate towards One Family Fund who provide long term assistance to victims of terror and their families:
3. Join MJE tomorrow evening Wednesday, November 19 for One on One Learning (7 pm) and My Next Level Class (8 pm) both of which will be dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives. 

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