After listening to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC in which he justified his decision to address Congress tomorrow, I have just one comment: Get over it. The world needs to get over the political question as to whether Netanyahu should have accepted the invitation to speak before Congress and focus on the real issue: how best to deal with Iran.
Israel and the United States have legitimate differences over how to prevent Iran from going nuclear and that is all we should be discussing. Focusing so much time on whether the Prime Minister insulted the President or whether he accepted the invitation in order to help with his reelection at home distracts from the serious and existential threat Israel today faces. With such a critical issue before us we cannot afford to allow petty politics to get in the way of America and Israel working together to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

One last point: The Prime Minister in his talk today made an interesting distinction between America and Israel’s stance on this issue. Whereas America’s primary concern is its security and standing in the world, Israel’s sole concern is her very survival. That distinction helps account for the stricter tone and approach the Prime Minister is advocating in comparison to the approach of the US Administration. Clearly this issue is critical for both countries but it’s only life and death for one. Therefore, despite the politics and possible breaches of protocol, we must speak up.  As the holiday of Purim approaches and we recall the last Persian leader who threatened the Jewish people, we must follow the example of Mordecai and Esther to lend our support to those who speak in defense of our people.

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