Why all Jews can participate in the “Day of Jewish Unity”

All Jews, irrespective of their stance on the Iran Deal, can participate in the “Day of Jewish Unity“.

As Congress prepares to hold a monumental vote on the Iran nuclear deal, the outreach organization Acheinu has organized today, Sept 8, as a “Day of Jewish Unity” calling for “Jews around the world [to join] together to recite 2 chapters of Psalms in an attempt to deflect the acute danger that would result from allowing Iran a path to obtain nuclear warheads.” MJE (Manhattan Jewish Experience) and I will be joining a projected 500,000 Jews in answering this call to prayer.

If you look a bit closer at the group organizing this day of unity, you will see that the objective is to use prayer to guide Congress to reject the Iran Deal. So how can this be a day of Jewish unity when there are many Jews who believe the deal should pass in its current form?

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