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Regaining Nuance in a Cancel Culture

Last week on Chanukah, one of my students asked me a very good question: “Rabbi, why do we celebrate the Maccabees each year on this holiday? I know they saved the Jews from the Greeks, but [...]

The True Meaning of Chanukah

A few years back The New York Times published a disturbing opinion column by Michael David Lukas called “The Hypocrisy of Hanukkah.” There was a lot wrong with the article, but it [...]

Keeping Your Faith During the Election

The acrimonious exchange during the Presidential debate – and the various media outlet’s take on the Trump/Biden exchange – has left many feeling like there is no longer respect in our society [...]

The Greatness that Lies Within

At the age of 57, Rachamim Cohen seemed to have a great life.  He was the father of six beautiful children and a proud grandfather, held a Ph.D. in Special Education, worked in a senior position [...]

Aleph Bet: Going from One to Two

Most Hebrew months have one character or theme. The character of the month of Adar, for example is one of happiness during which the joyous holiday of Purim falls out. The upcoming month [...]

Cancel the Cancel Culture

For many years, actress Felicity Huffman played a “Desperate Housewife” on TV. But it was for something she did in real life that made her even more famous. Last year, Huffman was charged in a [...]

A Grasshopper Among Men

On May 29, 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to climb Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. What is incredible to me though, is that since that time over [...]

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