Why all Jews can participate in the “Day of Jewish Unity”

All Jews, irrespective of their stance on the Iran Deal, can participate in the “Day of Jewish Unity“. As Congress prepares to hold a monumental vote on the Iran nuclear deal, the outreach [...]


If Only Things Were Just as They Are…

“This is our life here and I consider it an honor to serve and protect the Jewish people.” An army base in Hebron of 88 soldiers guards and protects approximately 600 Jewish residents living [...]


All Night Long

This past Saturday night, on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, over 300 young Jewish men and women flocked to MJE to participate in an age-old custom of staying up all night to study [...]


As Though You Left Egypt

One question I’ve always had in regard to the Seder: where is the blessing? We make a blessing before virtually every mitzvah in the Torah. Before we put on our Tefilin, before we shake the [...]


Get Over It

After listening to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC in which he justified his decision to address Congress tomorrow, I have just one comment: Get over it. The world needs to get over [...]


Man on Fire

The image of a man set on fire is haunting. The fact that this brutal act against a fellow Muslim was performed in the name of God makes it even worse. If this is not a call to moderate [...]


Jewish Joy: Myself at Sari and Rob Samuels’ baby boy’s Bris (circumcision) Sunday the 5th of January, 2014. One of the 16 babies born to MJE couples in 2013! The bris was beautiful. [...]